Free to Edition 2010

White shadow is an area of scattered light or even transparent, but it is primarily a light field more than accent lighting.This entity oblong, like an airship flat levitate, sketch an island, a spatial area of quality lighting, its thinness is permitted by the LED technology and offers a luminescence in the apparent sharpness and a fleeting white shadow. As a caress, the suspension calls to act under its glow, whether for routine household activities such as preparing a meal, sit or work studiously, but also good for recreational activities such as, indoor gardening ... WhiteShadow distills the mood by changing the paradigm of conventional lighting "functional" concept of the expanded field, or as Descartes, the body as "res-extensa".

Materials: Injected plastic, Led
Colors: Black finish
Dimensions: 1500x500x180mm
Collaboration: Grégory Marion


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