Prototype / Free to edition 2012


PortiqueArmchair, is a chair, inspired by the garden swings, as well as walk-loading of goods from the port of Nantes / SaintNazaire. Natives from Nantes city, I have made this prototype together with the craftsmen of the Autonomous Port, GPM Nantes / Saint-Nazaire. Drawing on the expertise of boilermakers and carpenters workshops, the chair uses materials common to shipbuilding.
The aluminum tube is bent and use its light properties, creating an illusion compared to the apparent strength of the tubes. The Traditional natural rope, is replaced by the nautical rope in polyester and polyamide, stronger and more varied in choice of colors. The wooden board is retained, but treated in a noble solid wood (Oak gross), This chair plays with the archetypes of garden games, and refers directly to our childhood feelings.

Materials:  Aluminium, polyamide rope, plain oak seat.
Colors: Black lacquered structure, black rope
Dimensions: 665x645x735mm.


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